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Club Penguin Field Op #8 Guide!

The next step to the coin code will drive you into a rage,
You first need to discover the password to a protected page.

(Hint: It’s the opposite of up over.)(Two words, lowercase).

  1. Log into Club Penguin, and go to any server
  2. Click your flashing spy phone (Remember, you must be an EPF Agent first!)

Now, click “Go There”

Now, once you’re in the EPF Headquarters, walk over to the yellow “Field Ops” sign:

Now, read your mission and then press “Accept Field-Op”!

We’ve detected a possible threat somewhere near the dojo. The ninjas may be in danger! Search the area together. Look for technology that ninjas don’t normally use, then shut it down. Hurry!

Now, open up your map and go to the dojo! (Click the “Map” icon on the lower left of the screen.) Then, waddle over to the projector:

Once you walk over to the projector, your spy phone will start ringing and flashing green:

Click your spy phone, and click “Engage”.

Now, to overload the wiring, hover over one of the red dots. A shape should appear, a square, circle, etc. Look for another red ball with the same shape. Once you find one exactly the same, click the two. Repeat until you complete all of them! Hurry, because you only have 60 seconds!

Good job! You just earned another medal. If you don’t want to buy any Elite Gear, then press okay. If you would like to buy some Elite Gear, click “Elite Gear”.

Stay tuned for more Club Penguin Cheats!


3 Responses

  1. Etac can i join ur site plz.

  2. Thanks it really helped me!

  3. 1st D:<

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