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Club Penguin April 2011 Penguin Style Catalog Cheats

First, go to the Gift Shop and click on the catalog icon:

On the very first page, click the paint bucket to find the Red Viking Helmet:

To get the Blue Viking Helmet, click and open the Viking Helmet three times:

Go to the next page. Now, click on the handle of the helium tank to get the White Cocoa Bunny Ears:

Click the rock in the middle of the two pages to discover the White Cocoa Bunny Costume!

Move to the next page. Now, click the green moon:

To find the Cocoa Bunny Costume, turn to the next page and click the bottle on the left:

Click the barrel on the right side of the page to get the Cocoa Bunny Ears!

That’s it for the cheats in this catalog! What do you think about the new catalog?


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