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Club Penguin Series 11 Coin Code Giveaway


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Woop de doo! Well, I have 2 coin codes right now, so I decided to give away one.

Remember, don’t keep the “Unlock Items” screen open for more than 5 minutes, or else you will lose connection. Refresh the page as much as you can, and when you see the code, quickly copy it and enter it on Club Penguin! Don’t spend too much time looking for items you want to redeem, because if you want to get the items, you have to redeem them first.

Date: Saturday, January 8th, 2011

Time: Between 9:40 and 10:00 AM Club Penguin Time/PST


Code will be posted here

If you don’t know what Club Penguin Time is, go to http://community.clubpenguin.com to see what time it is in CP time.

(9:40 AM Club Penguin Time/PST is also known as 10:40 AM MST, 11:40 AM CST, 12:40 AM EST, and 5:40 PM GMT)

Are you coming? Comment to let us know!


Club Penguin Coin Code Contest!

TwiZonez Edit: Ill be giving away 1 month membership cards

after this Coin Code Contest along with Etac. Stay tuned for more information




Since the Series 11 Treasure Book recently came out, I thought it would be appropriate to have a giveaway.

(Note: I WILL be having a mega Christmas giveaway, with 2 Card Jitsu codes, a Series 11 coin code and a 1 month membership in a week or so).

This contest will be interesting. Basically, it depends on how good you are at solving riddles. Here’s how it will go. I will give you a clue, that will lead you to a page, post or website which contains the next clue. Keep on following the clues till you reach the end!

The names of the first 7 people who guess the correct answer will be put in a hat. I will then draw 3 names from the basket. Those 3 people will go onto the final round (more information on the final round later).

First clue:

I live in the shadows, sneaking around,
I follow you but I never make a sound.
Where do I learn to become one? There, the answer shall be found.

Don’t tell anyone else the answer to any of the clues, keep it a secret. Keep it fair. Good luck!