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Club Penguin Field Op #30

Log onto Club Penguin, and click your Spy Phone (it should be flashing red):

Now click “Go There” to be transported to the EPF Headquarters:

Now, waddle over to the yellow “Field Ops” sign on the right hand side of the room:

Here are the orders for your mission: (Click “Accept Field Op”)

Go to the Ski Hill, and waddle behind the pole:

Then, your Spy Phone should start ringing and flashing green….click it!

Now, just read the instructions, and power up the chipset!


Club Penguin January 2011 Penguin Style Catalog Cheats!

Hey folks, today, Club Penguin released the first Penguin Style Catalog of the year! Let’s see what’s inside, shall we?

First, click on the Penguin’s bucket hat to get the Red Viking Helmet:

Now, open and close the Viking Helmet 3 times, and you will discover the Blue Viking Helmet:

To get the Big White Scarf, click on one of the tree’s trunks:

Sadly, that is the only new cheat in the catalog.

Club Penguin Series 11 Coin Code Giveaway


*Click the button above to refresh this post*

Woop de doo! Well, I have 2 coin codes right now, so I decided to give away one.

Remember, don’t keep the “Unlock Items” screen open for more than 5 minutes, or else you will lose connection. Refresh the page as much as you can, and when you see the code, quickly copy it and enter it on Club Penguin! Don’t spend too much time looking for items you want to redeem, because if you want to get the items, you have to redeem them first.

Date: Saturday, January 8th, 2011

Time: Between 9:40 and 10:00 AM Club Penguin Time/PST


Code will be posted here

If you don’t know what Club Penguin Time is, go to http://community.clubpenguin.com to see what time it is in CP time.

(9:40 AM Club Penguin Time/PST is also known as 10:40 AM MST, 11:40 AM CST, 12:40 AM EST, and 5:40 PM GMT)

Are you coming? Comment to let us know!

New Club Penguin Pin: Party Favors Pin

Open up your map, then go to the Ski Hill. Waddle over to the pin…

Now, click “Yes” when it asks you if you want to pick up the pin:

This pin is the perfect pin to start the year! Also, if you haven’t noticed yet, there are fireworks that you can see from the Ski Hill and Ice Berg. 😉

Club Penguin Card Jitsu Water Code Contest

*Apparently, these pictures are way too easy. Therefore, I added 2 more (at the bottom of this post). If you get these 2 right also, you have a much, much higher chance of winning the code. (And if these are too easy, I have more things in mind.)*

*This contest ends on Sunday, January 2nd, 2011, at 5PM PST*

*All comments will be under moderation until the contest is over*

Alright. I know I promised I would have a huge Club Penguin giveaway for Christmas, but I ran into a few problems and had to cancel it. I do promise, though, that I will have a Coin Code contest soon. Sometime in the beginning of next year.

But anyway, since my sister gave me 3 Card Jitsu Water codes for Christmas, I decided I’m going to give out one of them.


Scroll down, and you will see 7 pictures. They are pictures of rooms in Club Penguin, but they are scrambled and made so that it’s difficult to tell which room it is. When you are done looking at the pictures, comment with your name (Club Penguin name or whatever name you prefer to be called), and which rooms you think that are shown in the 7 pictures.

I will use (http://classtools.net/main_area/template_loader.php/?fruit_machine) to decide the winner. Whoever guesses all 7 rooms correctly will get their name put into the name picker thingy.










#9 (#2 of the bonus)

Remember, if you don’t tell anyone the answers to the pictures, it highers your chance of winning the code.

Club Penguin Ruby and the Ruby: Ruby Brooch Pin Cheat!

To get the Ruby Brooch Pin, just follow these simple steps. Click the objects circled in this order: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple.

When you click the painting, the painting should fall down and a safe should open. If it doesn’t, then try clicking the painting or safe again.

Now, click the ruby to receive your pin!

Click yes:

Congratulations, you now have your pin!

Club Penguin Ruby and the Ruby Catalog Cheats!

First, go to the Plaza. Then, waddle in to the Stage and click the Stage Catalog icon…

To get the Dark Detectives Coat, click the doorknob:

In order to get the Noir Background, flip to the back of the Catalog, click and drag the “How do I get coins?” sign and bring it down, then click the icon: