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Club Penguin January 2011 Penguin Style Catalog Cheats!

Hey folks, today, Club Penguin released the first Penguin Style Catalog of the year! Let’s see what’s inside, shall we?

First, click on the Penguin’s bucket hat to get the Red Viking Helmet:

Now, open and close the Viking Helmet 3 times, and you will discover the Blue Viking Helmet:

To get the Big White Scarf, click on one of the tree’s trunks:

Sadly, that is the only new cheat in the catalog.


Club Penguin December 2010 Penguin Style Catalog Cheats

Hooray! Today, Club Penguin released the new December 2010 Penguin Style Catalog, and let me tell you, it’s packed with awesome (old and new) winter clothes!

First, waddle to the gift shop and click the Penguin Style Catalog icon in the bottom right corner:

Here’s the December 2010 Catalog Cover:

To get the Blue Fuzzy Hat, click on the “F” in the Coffee Shop sign in the background:

To get the Puffle Pullover, click the second blue light:

If you want to get the Candy Cane Wig Warmers, go to the next page and click the yellow puffle in the snow:

To get the Blue Earmuffs, click the tree top on the far left:

To get the Blue Mittens, click the top of the tree on the far right:

Turn the page, and click the first green part of the tree on the far left to get the Gingerbread Costume:

If you want to get the Snowboard Boots, then turn the page and click the green ornament:

That’s all for the cheats, but take a look at the backgrounds! There are two new ones and two old ones. (If you buy the background with the Christmas Presents in the background, put it on your player card and the fire in the fireplace will start moving!)

What’s your favorite part of the new catalog?


New Club Penguin Pin: Snowflakes Pin

To get the new Snowflakes pin:

  • Open up your map
  • Go to the Snow Forts

Now, just waddle up to the pin, and then press “Yes” when it asks you if you want to pick up the pin.

Well folks, don’t remember, there’s only 22 more days till Christmas!

Club Penguin August 2010 Penguin Style Catalog Cheats!

Although Club Penguin released the new August 2010 Penguin Style Catalog a bit late, at least it’s here! 😀

First of all, they added a new Design and a new Color to the “Create your own T-shirt Page!”

Click the Mountain Peak for the Green Hiking Boots!

Click the Green Penguin’s foot for the Lasso!

Click the top of the tree to get the Blue Rubber Ducky!

Click the eye of the penguin on the right to get the Mountain Climber Gear and the hiking Boots!

Awesome catalog huh? It wasn’t exactly worth the wait, but it’s still cool! At least they added a rubber ducky so I can earn my stamp now! 🙂