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Become a Fire Ninja

Wondering how to become a Fire Ninja? Well you’ve come to the right place. Just read through the directions, and you’ll be a fire ninja in no time!

(Note: To become a Fire Ninja, you have to 1) Be a member, and 2) Become a Ninja first.)

Open up your map, and go to the Dojo!

Now, head into the Ninja Hideout. Remember to become a ninja first! 😀

Now, go browse through the Martial Artworks Catalog to buy your Amulet! (Remember, you have to be a member to buy an amulet and become a Fire Ninja). Click the Catalog Icon on the bottom right!

Flip to the first page to buy your Amulet, which costs 200 coins.

Now waddle over to the Fire Tablet that pops up, and click it!

Once you click it, a door will shoot up out of the water! Click it to go waddling into the Fire Dojo…

Now walk to Sensei (under the red gate). Read what he has to say, then play the game.

How to play Card Jitsu Fire:

1. Go talk to Sensei, and click “Earn my Fire Suit”

2. When it is your turn, click one of the stones in the middle:

3. Click one of the highlighted stones:

For the Fire, Water and Snow stones, whoever has the highest card of that certain element wins the round. Everyone else loses an energy.

For the Card Jitsu battle stones, Water beats Fire, Fire beats Snow, and Snow beats Water. The winner gains an energy, and the loser loses an energy. (If both cards are of the same element, then the highest number card wins).

For the 3 element stone, you get to choose which element you would like to battle for. After that, it’s the same as the Fire, Water or Snow stones.


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